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Leeds designer and manufacturer adds personalised geometric designs

A Yorkshire-based designer and manufacturer of men’s fashion accessories has added a personalised element to its fragrance-infused jewellery range.

Founded in 2013, Vanacci is the creative brand behind a range of handmade, understated pendants, bracelets, wallets, bags, watches, cufflinks and sunglasses.

The brand has introduced a complimentary, personalised engraving service for its customers, which can be applied at the checkout on the Vanacci website.

The new service, which forms part of the Make it Yours campaign, allows individuals to be involved in the development process of their chosen piece.

Products can be personalised with original geometric designs, created by Vanacci, which translate into meaningful statements such as strength, congratulations, friendship, courage, peace, celebration and many more.

The range also features a unique patented technology that allows the wearer to spray their favourite fragrance onto the product, which is then diffused throughout the day.

The firm has sold products in 20 countries worldwide including Europe, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada and the US.

The Make it Yours range is available on the Vanacci website; prices range from £25 to £90.

Creative director Sean Sykes said: “The Make it Yours campaign has arisen after speaking to our loyal customers to gain a deeper understanding of what they want to see from us in the future.

“We’re a team of designers that are keen to consistently innovate; this is what has allowed us to stay relevant in an industry that continues to evolve.

“Vanacci has a unique ability to create affordable products that our customers can cherish for a lifetime.”


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