York Pullman drives To rescue of transport-less children invited to school play

Ashville College student and “The Greatest Matlida Mashup” performer Hailey Wood, front middle, with Grove Road pupils and (on the coach steps) coach driver Dave Stephenson and Grove Road School Headteacher Chris Parkhouse

A coach company has driven to the rescue of transport-less children from a Harrogate school, when they were left with no means of attending Ashville College’s senior school play.

Schools from across the Harrogate district were invited to watch “The Greatest Matilda Mashup” and attend a workshop held by Ashville’s head of drama, Louise Woodward, as part of the College’s on-going community outreach programme.

However, Grove Road School said that whilst they would love to send their Year 5 pupils to watch the Ashville production, they had no transport of their own and didn’t want to ask parents for financial support for an additional school trip.

To not deny the children the opportunity of an afternoon of musical entertainment, Ashville’s marketing team rang York Pullman – who have a long-standing partnership with the school –  who readily agreed to ferry the children to and from Ashville.

Tom James, managing director of  York Pullman said: “When Ashville College contacted us and told us the predicament that Grove Road School were in, we were only too happy to step in and lend a helping hand.

“We wholeheartedly support Ashville College in its community outreach efforts and were glad that we could help in any way we could.”

Chris Parkhouse, headteacher from Grove Road School, said: “We are incredibly grateful for the help from York Pullman in getting our pupils to Ashville for the play

“It was a fantastic production which the children thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m delighted they didn’t miss out on the opportunity. It’s a big thank you to Ashville and York Pullman.”


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