Nestlé marketing team have a break from the day job during Disability Action Yorkshire Bake Off Day

Disability Action Yorkshire customer Wayne Martin with the marketeers from Nestlé

Marketeers from Nestle have taken part in a special “bake off” themed volunteering event held at Disability Action Yorkshire’s residential care home in Harrogate.

The seven, who work in the KitKat and Biscuits team, spent the day at the charity’s Claro Road facility, baking and playing games with customers.

Each year the company gives all of its employees two days away from work to volunteer in the community.

For their second day of the year, the team chose to spend their time at the charity, whose aim is to provide a range of high-quality services which support disabled people, such as residential care, home care and more.

During the morning, the Nestlé team took part in a “bake off”, and, in the afternoon, they played games and enjoyed the fruits of their labour, sampling the buns, biscuits and cakes they had made earlier.

Karen Minteh, Claro Road Residential Care Home manager, said: “It was a pleasure having the team from Nestlé with us for the day, and I hope they enjoyed it as much as our customers did.

“The ‘bake off’ was a great success and the goodies made in the morning went down a treat later in the day.

“Volunteering can be such a rewarding experience and our customers relish nothing more than interacting with people of all ages, and not just here at Claro Road.”

Amy Bennett-Inge, Assistant Brand Manager at Nestlé said: “At Nestlé we are actively encouraged to go out into the communities where we live and work, take time away from our day jobs to volunteer and give something back.

“This day of volunteering gave us an opportunity to find out more about the charity and the work it does in Harrogate and the wider community.

“We were so pleased that we chose to spend our day at Disability Action Yorkshire. It was a fantastic day baking and playing games with their customers.”


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