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Hambleton landlords warned about cold homes

Hambleton District Council Environmental Health Officers are advising landlords to make sure their tenants’ homes are warm.

Research from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health shows that homes rented from a landlord or letting agency are more likely to be poorly insulated and cold than those that are owner occupied.

“What people do not realise is that cold, damp homes can also affect your health and there is a direct relationship between low indoor temperatures and excess winter deaths” said Paul Staines, director of Leisure and Environment.

“Those who are most at risk are the elderly, children and those suffering with long term health conditions but it affects everyone because you end up paying higher heating bills.

“We are urging anyone living in rented accommodation who has a limited number of heating units, or if the heating is not working properly, or they are suffering from condensation or mould growth to let their landlords know in the first instance.  If no improvements are made then they should contact the district council for further advice”.

Legal standards are in place to ensure that all rental properties meet heating and insulation standards to prevent tenants living in excessively cold conditions.

New Government energy efficiency regulations came into force last year (April 2018) which means that landlords are not be permitted to rent out their properties if they are rated at E or F on the official Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

For more information contact Environmental Health Residential Services on Tel 01609 767138 or email joy Swithenbank Residential team leader:  

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