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JCT600 joins Automotive 30 % Club

As part of its ongoing commitment to attracting more women into the automotive industry, JCT600 has joined the UK Automotive 30% Club, an organisation committed to achieving a better gender balance in the sector.

Established in 2016 by Gaia Innovation CEO Julia Muir, the Automotive 30% club is made up of CEOs and managing directors of automotive manufacturers, retailers and suppliers who are committed to achieving the goal of having 30% of women in key leadership positions in their organisations by 2030.

The club’s 23 members span automotive manufacturing, retailing and affiliated companies, including brands such as Bentley, the Volkswagen group, Auto Trader and Carwow.

Julia Muir, founder of the UK Automotive 30% Club, said: “We have great pleasure in welcoming JCT600 to the UK Automotive 30% Club. It’s wonderful to have a company on board who are already making great strides towards closing the gender gap within their organisation. ”

Katie Saunders, HR director of JCT600, said: “The automotive industry has traditionally been dominated by men, but given the huge pool of female talent out there, we want to do everything we can to change that.

“At JCT600, we have been working hard to create a culture in which women feel welcome and valued, from the way in which we recruit to ensuring that the right training and support is in place to enable them to progress. We’re starting to see encouraging numbers of women coming into the business, from young apprentices, many joining in traditionally male roles such as technicians, to more experienced women progressing their career with us in management positions.

“We’re proud to be part of the Automotive 30% Club – it’s great to see some of the leading names in the sector coming together so we can make a real difference to gender balance in the industry.”


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