ABP splashes out on seal rescue equipment for charity

A weak seal pup was rescued by British Divers Marine Life Rescue with ABP’s donated seal bag and kennel

ABP has donated funds for seal rescue equipment to support and improve the health of distressed seals in the Humber region and beyond.

ABP Humber raised over £250 from World Oceans Day last year and aptly donated it to voluntary rescue group –  British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) – to purchase two seal-rescue bags and a kennel.

Within hours of BDMLR receiving the new equipment, it was used by a volunteer to rescue an undernourished and weak seal pup on Fraisthorpe beach, near Bridlington. It was taken to a nearby overnight care facility, where it was fed and rehydrated to stabilise its condition, before being transported to a wildlife hospital the next day.

The remaining rescue bag is to be stationed with another volunteer near Cleethorpes to help rescue seals in need.

“We are dedicated to rescuing marine mammals in distress across the UK’s coastlines, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” said Julia Cable, National Coordinator from BDMLR.

“Without the support of the public and companies such as ABP, we simply wouldn’t be able to operate and continue to make a difference to the lives of hundreds of marine mammals every single year.”

Leading port operator – ABP – is committed to supporting the environment, and the Humber has a dedicated Green Team which helps to protect wildlife and natural habitats. 

To reduce plastic waste in the Humber estuary and surrounding waterways, bulldozer-like boats called the Envirocat and Waterwitch, collect washed-up rubbish daily from within the docks. Marine plastics are collected by a company called Terracycle which turns them into shampoo and washing-up liquid bottles for major UK supermarkets.   

“We are committed to continually improving and protecting the environment,” said Tina Raleigh, Green Team Coordinator from ABP. 

“We first came across BDMLR’s work when they were rescuing a seal on Spurn Point beach whilst we were picking up rubbish from the area with a local Scout’s group.

“It’s great to see that this donation will make such a difference to distressed marine mammals in the Humber and beyond.”

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