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Beacon appoints Keith Hinchcliffe as managing director

Keith Hinchcliffe

Purchasing company Beacon has appointed Keith Hinchcliffe as managing director.

The appointment will see the Yorkshire based company further develop its range of central services to benefit new and existing customers.

Mr Hinchcliffe previously worked for Capita PLC as head of procurement for Central London NHS Community Trust. In his new role at Beacon, he will have full responsibility for a­­ll aspects of the business, including non-pay spend, marketing strategy, supplier relationship management and client relations.

Mr Hinchcliffe has a wealth of experience in the purchasing industry in a range of roles spanning healthcare, foodservice, business consultancy and procurement. With expertise that includes running his own consultancy company, Mr Hinchcliffe is ideally placed to drive and shape the future for Beacon with new, competitive opportunities for its customer base.

Mr Hinchcliffe said: “I am thrilled to be joining the team at Beacon and am really looking forward to inspiring a transition plan that will guide the business to further commercial growth.

“There is massive potential for Beacon to grow through some simple, yet impactful changes that I believe will create market leading propositions for our client base.

“I’m a firm believer in investing in people and am confident that with the team we have at Beacon, we will ultimately be in a position to win in key markets as we provide a range of competitive value propositions.

“I want innovation to be Beacon’s priority, and will strive to launch new commercial products at a pace that will provide compelling solutions to customer needs that will deliver sustainable cash releasing savings.”


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