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Extended product range heralds ambitious plans for chemical company

A west Yorkshire speciality chemical company has continued its strategy to diversify into additional markets with the introduction of two new product ranges.

Airedale Chemical, based in Cross Hills, has carried out extensive research into which products would add most value to existing customers and open up new markets. It is launching a range of own-brand polymers and antifoams developed by its in-house team of NPD chemists to complement its core offering.

Airpol is a specially formulated series of polymers aimed at businesses that handle effluent waste water including food production and agriculture.

Polymers are used to capture waste matter in water for easier removal allowing the water to be cleaned and more easily recycled or disposed of. Six Airpol products have been introduced, each with its own properties, and in various strengths.

Airfoam is a range of antifoam solutions used to prevent and supress foams without affecting the product. These antifoams have applications in food and beverage manufacture and detergency.

It includes the company’s first food-grade antifoam which can be used in fermentation and distillery processes.

Daniel Marr, commercial director at Airedale Chemical who spearheaded the new product programme, said: “These new product ranges represent a very targeted and precise push for our diversification into other markets.

“We’re lucky to have a very talented and experienced team of chemists here who have formulated a total of 15 products that will expose us to potential new business in industries including waste water treatment and food production as well as enhancing our offering to existing customers.”

Both Airpol and Antifoam are expected to boost the company’s presence at home and abroad over the coming months.

Daniel said: “The ever-increasing burden of environmental responsibilities has helped fuel our focus on these additional ranges and has been at the forefront of this product development.”

Airedale Chemical has been based in Cross Hills since 1994 and provides chemicals and contract manufacturing to markets including manufacturing, dairy, recycling and waste management.

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