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Bedale’s HECK on a vegan roll!

Bedale based HECK Food, the fastest growing company in Yorkshire, has bagged major new listings for its successful vegan range.

The Heck Breakfast sausage will be launched into Sainsbury’s this week and eight different flavours of burgers and sausages has been stocked by Tescos.  

Jamie Keeble said: “These two listings means Heck vegan is now available in over 1000 stores in the country, amazing since we only launched the range just over a year ago in Waitrose. We are seeing a huge shift in eating patterns as people look for either flexitarian or vegan choices. All our burgers and sausages are lean and clean plant based, so no nasties or ‘fake meat’. It’s been a huge hit with all our customers.” 

HECK is one of the fastest-growing UK businesses in the food and drink sector, on track to make £30m in 2019.

Jamie added: “ Our vegan range is now in 800 stores in Australia and in September we will be launching into Holland’s biggest supermarkets. I can really see one day when vegan sells as much as our traditional ranges.”


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