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Chameleon Business Interiors expand overseas portfolio with leading Canadian company

Hull-based Chameleon Business Interiors has further expanded their overseas portfolio by completing a full office refresh with top Canadian perks company Perkopolis.

The refresh, for which employee health and wellbeing was paramount, has seen Perkopolis move into a 4,300sq ft office space that was specifically designed by Chameleon for the company’s needs and brand personality.

With a rapidly growing workforce, it was essential for Perkopolis to expand and provide the team with an internal meeting space that sparked creativity when working on new projects and exciting new initiatives.

The focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace meant that the perks company also prioritised the importance of incorporating as much natural light as possible within the office – to keep the team feeling refreshed, boost creativity and increase concentration levels, as well as provide a space for staff to take a break from their desks in a café type environment that encourages socialising and conversation.

This aligned with both Chameleon and Perkopolis’ key values – reflecting how they provide services to their clients.

Morgan Marlowe, founder and CEO at Perkopolis, said: “Refurbishing our office has been a huge milestone, and was the perfect way to celebrate 20 years in business. It’s such an opportune time to have our brand showcased in a space that fits our personality, and we look forward to hosting our vendors, suppliers and partners, as well as business events in the future.

“The whole process with Chameleon Business Interiors was seamless. They offered us an all-inclusive solution, and it was wonderful to avoid working with multiple suppliers. It was such a relief to still be able to run my business and not worry about the small details.

“Our new space is so inviting – the best part is that when guests walk in, they all love it!”

Perkopolis is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed perk programs, currently used by over 2,000 organisations. Continuously sourcing exclusive, high value offers, rewards and benefits, all offers are exclusive and only available to members of their partner businesses.


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