Continuum Attractions goes green for a sustainable future

Continuum Attractions has announced a number of sustainability initiatives that their sites are championing across the country

Continuum Attractions has announced a number of sustainability initiatives that their sites are championing across the country, saving on energy, wastage and showcasing their green efforts to visitors.

Spearheaded by their on-site “Green Reps” and sustained with regular ‘Green Audits’ these initiatives include both visitor areas, as well as offices. Tailored to fit with their locations, some of the activities now benefit all sites – such as changing to LED bulbs or providing biodegradable straws in cafes – and some are bespoke, such as planting over 10,000 trees and installing over 550 solar panels at Green Wood Family Park in Wales.  

Green Wood Family Park in Gwynedd, Wales, listed by The Guardian as one of the UK’s top seven green attractions in the world, leads the way in green activities such as harvesting 13 cubic metres of rainwater each year for flushing their toilets, and improving their carbon footprint by using their solar panels to generate 150KW of electricity powering over 80% of the park throughout the year – they also have the world’s only human powered roller coaster.

Yet, other sites are just as keen to compete in sustainable initiatives, such as the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth which is currently trialling eco loo paper, and York’s Chocolate Story which no longer uses cling film, reducing wastage by 5400 metres of cling film per year. 

All Continuum cafes are working with local suppliers or Fair Trade as much as possible, ensuring food miles are kept to a minimum and benefiting local businesses.  Cafes now include food and glass recycling bins, and use biodegradable blue cloths for cleaning.

Sites across the country also use expertise on their door-steps, such as locally based designers, to ensure that the attractions benefit their local communities.  All offices now recycle office waster paper, batteries and ink cartridges, and staff are asked to retain their own glasses and crockery rather than use plastic cups.  They are also encouraged to travel by public transport when possible. 

Jules Ozbek, head of sales and marketing at Continuum, said: “We are supremely proud of our green teams and have given them free rein to create and manage their own ideas, many of which have been adopted nationally.  Whilst we advocate savings on waste and energy spends, of course it is important to us all that we do our bit to minimise our impact on the environment as much as we can.

“We want to stand out as an employer with green credentials, and a place where people are proud to work.  We believe that as a corporate, profitable business it is essential to actively be more environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.  We want all our teams to be as innovative as they can and we are delighted with their enthusiasm and ingenuity.”

Large and small, green initiatives that Continuum sites support include:

  • York’s Chocolate Story no longer uses palm oil in their chocolates made on site
  • Oxford Castle & Prison only use cotton tote bags, no plastic bags on site (now rolling out nationally)
  • The Canterbury Tales use tablets for entry and encourage staff to go paperless, this includes the use of scannable bar codes added to tickets lowering paper wastage now used across all sites
  • All waste from the Canterbury Tales sites goes to a company to be turned into fuel as does used cooking oil from the café which is processed into biodiesel
  • Head office no longer provides a post-it wall for staff comments, the team now use a blackboard
  • Teams take part in the ‘Green Walk’ with the GM where they walk their respective sites monthly
  • Green reps regularly liaise with organisations, such as LUSH UK, who advocate ethics and sustainability and incentivise ideas to promote activities to protect the environment

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