The Castle Inn calls time on sending waste to landfill

Pictured from left are Matt Rose, Graham Usher and Andrew Brown

A North Yorkshire country pub has called time on sending its rubbish to landfill.

The Castle Inn, at Cawood, Selby, has signed a new partnership with waste management company, Biffa, which now sees all of its detritus recycled, incinerated or converted into bio gas.

Whist bottles, cans, paper and card is sent to Biffa to be recycled, food waste is also recycled at Biffa’s anaerobic digestion facility in the West Midlands, whilst items that would have normally gone to landfill are processed and used as fuel for energy.

Graham Usher, who together with his partner Matt Rose run the Castle Inn, said: “When we took over the pub in late 2017, we were conscious that we wanted to reduce our impact on the environment.

“By their very nature pubs do generate a lot of waste which, traditionally, would have gone to the nearest landfill site. Now, thanks to our deal with Biffa, not one single item is disposed of in that way.

“Additionally, we are looking at reducing our ‘food and drink miles’ by sourcing our produce locally wherever possible, as well as examining where we can cut back on the use of plastics.”

Matt Rose said: “Over the last 18-months we have made some significant changes at the Castle Inn, in particular to our food and beverage operation.

“As well as being known for serving great food and beers we want to be known for being environmentally responsible too. We believe the measures we are taking will help us achieve this.”

Andrew Brown, Biffa Waste Services business development manager, said: “When we were contacted by Graham and Matt they wanted to know what they could do to ensure as little of the waste as possible from the Castle Inn went to landfill.

“I’m delighted to say that none of it is! It is either reused and recycled or converted into energy via fuel for energy or anaerobic digestion.”


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