Thirsk welcomes return of famers’ market

Thirsk is busy preparing for the return of the award winning Northern Dales Farmers’ market later this month.

The market is one of the UK’s largest organisations of its kind, running local food markets at locations almost every weekend across North Yorkshire, Teesside and County Durham.

Nigel Davison, market manager, and his team hope they can replicate the success of their hugely popular Middlesbrough’s Stewart Park market which attracts around 3,500 visitors every month.

Nigel said: “After over ten years we are delighted to be returning to Thirsk Market Place and starting a new market, providing food lovers with another opportunity to buy from some of the best producers in the area, and all of them are small independent family businesses.

“More and more people care about the food on their plate, they want to know where it’s from, they want to know about the quality of the ingredients and how many miles it’s travelled.

“The customers who visit our markets know that the food on offer is not mass produced. It has never seen the inside of a factory, it hasn’t been sitting in plastic packaging for weeks, it’s been made using high quality ingredients and is brought to market fresh that day. Plus it’s a traditional way to shop.”

Following on from the success of the Artisan markets in Thirsk last year, Hambleton District Council’s Vibrant Market Towns Team which focuses on developing projects that will enhance the vibrancy of Hambleton’s traditional market towns have worked with Northern Dales Farmers’ Market to see it return to Thirsk.

The market takes place in Thirsk Market Place on Sunday 23 June from 10am–3pm.

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