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The Data Shed launches self-service product

Leeds-based data consultancy The Data Shed has launched a self-service product which aims to transform the way that firms use their own data.

The product, called The Data Refinery, is a data integration platform which provides a single view of a person, created by pulling together all data used within a company; it uses behaviour, demographics and interactions to provide a single-customer view.

The product employs The Data Shed’s unique matching algorithms capable of processing 2.4 billion intelligent comparisons per second, which optimises a firm’s data to give a single profile view of a customer. This gives a full, real-time view of a customer base leading to better targeting and less wastage.

As well as offering insights for firms who run marketing databases, it will also provide valuable insights to companies looking to acquire competitors, giving them a full understanding of how many unique customers are actually available in a target acquisition.

Anna Sutton, CEO of The Data Shed, said: “Having worked in marketing myself for many years, I’ve shared the frustration of many marketers of not being able to access and interrogate data in a user-friendly way. We’ve built The Data Refinery based on years of experience working with national and international firms, and using our revolutionary matching technology.

“Anyone can retrieve data from their own databases, run it through The Data Refinery and be confident that they are promoting marketing messages to the right people, leading to better decisions being made. The Data Refinery will make a significant contribution to both increased sales and optimisation of budgets.”


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