Shulmans wins landmark appeal for Ghana International Bank

Shulmans LLP, has won a landmark appeal on behalf of its client, Ghana International Bank Plc.

The Leeds-based, UK top 200 corporate law firm, represented the international financial institution at an Employment Tribunal held in London that has attracted media attention across the world.

A verdict issued by the Employment Tribunal unanimously upheld that Ghana International Bank was right to dismiss one of its employees, Mark Arthur, who was accused of breaching the Bank’s internal policies and procedures.

The employee had sparked a money laundering alert after picking up a bag containing £390,000 in cash from a West African tribal king and transporting it via an Uber to the Bank’s offices to deposit it.

It was deemed that the misconduct was of sufficient seriousness that it amounted to a fundamental breach of the employment contract between Mr Arthur and the Bank, entitling the Bank to terminate his contract without notice.  The Tribunal considered the impact this had on internal policies and procedures as well as UK law.

Shulmans LLP represents clients on a regional, national and international basis and has an expert team in the field of employment law. It represented Ghana International Bank at a time of internal crisis and the Bank is delighted at the ruling in its favour.

Jim Wright, Partner at Shulmans LLP within its Employment team, represented the Ghana International Bank in the case and has since met with the Ghanaian Finance Minister and Chairman of the National Bank of Ghana to discuss its implications.

He said: “We are of course extremely pleased on behalf of our client that Mr Arthur’s appeal was rejected. The Bank takes its legal and regulatory obligations very seriously as well as its duties and obligations to its customers.

“It is right that the verdict supported our client’s actions in dismissing its employee in response to a serious breach in internal policy as well as in UK law. The Bank at all times to sought to protect the confidentiality of its customers and at no time suggested any customer was involved in any inappropriate activity.”


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