Customer service takes centre stage at free Yorkshire Passion sessions

The Yorkshire Passion Programme will once again be rolled out to the Wakefield District following a series of successful events last month

The Wakefield Cultural Consortium, the collective of cultural venues and organisations from across the Wakefield district, will once again use globally acclaimed playwright John Godber’s two short plays and film to demonstrate the importance of customer service to local businesses and attractions.

The Yorkshire Passion programme, which ran over a two-week period last month, comprised 2.5-hour sessions that aimed to develop high quality customer service and increase knowledge about Wakefield’s vast cultural offering.

Full of Godber humour, the plays feature just three actors portraying a variety of roles from within the customer services industry.

Capturing a visitor to Wakefield for the very first time, the opening play details his journey into the city and how his negative experiences with customers services professionals makes him vow to never visit again.

The second play features the exact same plot, but this time demonstrates how the man’s positive experience of customer services professionals makes him, not only want to come to Wakefield again, but also tell other people how great his trip was.

Following on from the success of the programme, which welcomed over 200 people, the Wakefield Cultural Consortium will host four additional sessions towards the end of July, where local businesses will be presented with the two short plays and film, as well as a workshop discussion and presentation.

Encouraging people to recognise that they are representing the district, which attracts 8 million visitors that contribute £448 million to the local economy each year, supporting no fewer than 8,000 jobs, it is hoped that an enhanced customer experience will result in a positive impact for all.

Graham Whitehead, project manager for Wakefield Cultural Consortium, said: “Despite this being the first time we have delivered this programme in the Wakefield district, the response from more than 200 attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

“Not only are the sessions fun and entertaining, they are also extremely informative. You’ll walk away knowing so much more about Wakefield’s cultural offer, our exciting programme of activity for the summer, and how you can give great customer service to those who are visiting our vibrant district.”


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