Bawtry Car Dealership among the fastest growing companies in the region

The Portland Autos team

Portland of Bawtry Ltd has long been recognised as a well-established family run business that offers the finest quality, high performance and luxury vehicles, to customers both across the UK and internationally.

This premium offering alongside its great reputation built on trust and transparency has also contributed to their most recent accolade. The company also known as Portland Autos to customers, has recently been shortlisted in the top 50 fastest growing companies in the Sheffield City Region, and has ranked in the top ten for Doncaster.

To make the list, the company had to show strong growth over the last two accounting periods and have a turnover of at least £20 million per annum.

For a relatively small team of just ten (including Bella the dog), Clive Watson, his two sons Adam and James and James Barthorpe have all ensured that the company continues to expand year on year – having originally been formed in 1983 with James Barthorpe, Adam and James joining the company in 2010, 2013 and 2016 respectively.

The company is proud to sell over 700 cars each year and boasts up to 150 mid to high-end performance cars from manufacturers including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Range Rover, Audi, Mercedes and BMW to name but a few, at any one time!

Clive said: “To be recognised for all our hard work, great customer service and as a company overall is such a fantastic feeling. Having started the company 35 years ago, to look at where we are today – the future looks really exciting as the team grows alongside our customer base!

“Yes, we do offer some incredible performance cars from the best manufacturers the world has seen, but we do also offer cars from just £10,000 too – meaning we can usually find cars to fit most people’s budgets – come and have a look at the range we stock.”

Clive Watson started buying and selling cars in his teenage years, whilst completing an Apprenticeship as a tool maker for International Harvesters. In 1983, Clive took the decision to follow his true passion and took redundancy to set up Portland Autos. This was the beginning of the adventure that was to catapult Portland Autos into the successful company it is today.

Five years passed and then in 1988, Clive and his flourishing empire moved to Sheffield and became a retailer selling used vehicles to the consumer.

A decade passed and Portland then moved to its new and current home in Bawtry where the business has seen phenomenal success. The company is proud to be from Yorkshire and based in Bawtry. It is also part of the Bawtry Retail Association with several of the other larger retailers in the area.

Portland Autos is now one of the leading premium car dealerships in the country with buyers and car enthusiasts coming from across the globe to purchase vehicles time and time again.

Now with a team of ten, the company is firmly educating the next generation of motor dealing experts and preparation specialists – firmly securing the future of the company.

Portland Autos has secured three acres of land in the new Aero Centre near Doncaster Sheffield Airport which is set to house some luxury cars in the future – watch this space!

Clive added: “I am very proud of the company and our team, but also want to thank our loyal customer base – that come back to us year after year.

“It really is a combined goal to ensure we continue to grow the company and be able to bring an even wider choice of sports performance, SUV, 4×4 and prestige cars to our customer base.

“Although the company may continue to grow, customer service will always be at the heart of our company ethos – ensuring we continue to deliver the highest quality service levels to customers. We are ultimately an established company with family values at its heart.”


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