AudioVogue is “wheel deal” for Zwift Draft House audio visual installation

Zwift brand experience manager Jacob Fraser, right, with AudioVogue’s Andy Wyatt

A Harrogate company has proved the “wheel deal” for an American firm requiring a super-fast hi-tech fit out of their UCI World Cycling Championships pop-up pub.

Zwift – which is an online multiplayer training tool and game which allows cyclists to virtually ride on a series of courses – called in the team from AudioVogue to install audio visual equipment within its temporary King’s Road hostelry, the Zwift Draft House.

AudioVogue was launched in the summer of 2009 by Andy Wyatt and Peter Hudspeth, and over the last decade it has completed hundreds of installations in homes and businesses in the UK and Europe.

From a standing start, The AudioVogue team took just two days to complete the work, split over the bar’s two levels. In total, they installed seven 82in screens and  12 speakers. Additionally, they set up the data command network allowing Zwift to broadcast live on a daily basis to its website.

To celebrate the nine-day cycling spectacular, Zwift has developed five routes based around the Harrogate finishing circuit, which visitors to the Zwift Draft House can try for themselves.

Zwift brand experience manager Jacob Fraser said: “AudioVogue came to us from a recommendation, and they have done a great job with all the technology, which is working flawlessly.”

Audio Vogue co-director Andy Wyatt said: “This has been a fantastic project for us. We had a very short window of opportunity to fit out both floors, and the team did a brilliant job completing it to swiftly.

“Whilst we have completed numerous commercial projects in pubs and clubs across the North of England, an audio visual installation in a ‘pop up’ ale house is a first for us.”

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