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WiredScore, the global digital connectivity rating company for real estate, has launched in Leeds with circa 20 per cent of office space in the city to Wired Certification.

By partnering with key landlords and developers WiredScore promotes greater transparency around connectivity and digital infrastructure.

WiredScore’s rating scheme, Wired Certification, provides landlords and developers with an independent, trusted benchmark and the necessary insights to improve and future-proof their buildings’ connectivity standards allowing them to make better informed business decisions.

Wired Certified buildings command a digital premium, with research by Radius Data Exchange identifying that Wired Certified buildings in London command on average 4.7 per cent higher rent than comparable buildings that aren’t Wired Certified.

WiredScore is also launching its newly developed residential certification, WiredScore Home, into the city. This will bring much-needed transparency around the digital connectivity services of residential real estate and to ensure best-in-class rental experience by helping build-to-rent landlords navigate the complicated world of in-building technology.

WiredScore launches in Leeds with forward-thinking landlords committing assets in their portfolios to Wired Certification. These include: Ask Real Estate, CEG UK, Fore Partnership, M&G, Palace Capital PLC, Paloma Capital, Northwood Investors, Schroders and Town Centre Securities.

William Newton, president and MD at WiredScore, said: “There has been a major shift towards the obligation being placed on landlords to provide strong connectivity in their buildings whether that be office or residential.

“In order to remain competitive and ensure that their assets are occupied, landlords need to guarantee that they have the ability to meet tenants’ technological requirements with the right digital infrastructure for a modern workplace and living experience.

“Leeds represents a natural progression for WiredScore in our strategic UK expansion, given its role in the national economy and excellent fundamentals, coupled with its rapidly growing tech scene.

“With evolving sectors including tech and professional services causing tenants to become increasingly aware of and demanding of high-quality digital connectivity in their assets, the momentum of Wired Certification continues, and we are excited to be expanding our reach and client network.”

Roger Marsh OBE, chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and NP11, said: “Digital connectivity is an ever-increasing and significant part of the conversation on decision-making for businesses looking to expand or relocate in the region.

“It is also a crucial requirement for the modern-day renter, therefore introducing WiredScore to Leeds is a welcome development in both the office and the Build-to-Rent market demonstrating our commitment to remaining forward-thinking with a competitive offer.”

Ben Ziff, managing Director at Town Centre Securities PLC, said:“At Town Centre Securities PLC (TCS), we understand the importance of offering all our customers and tenants the very best digital connectivity, sustaining minimum downtime and recognising that strong connectivity within our built environment is essential to everyday life where arguably a decent internet connection is more important than some of the other utilities needed in today’s world.

“Welcoming WiredScore to Leeds is a fantastic step for this cutting-edge city as it continues to be one of the UK’s leading digital centres whilst also forming a key part of our estate.”

Leeds has a growing reputation as a leading digital hub, with the number of tech jobs in Leeds having risen by almost half to approximately 35,000, according to Savills. This is supported by the fact that Data Commons for UK Tech recently identified that venture capital investment into Leeds tech companies amounted to circa £110 million, attracting over 80 per cent more venture capital than Manchester.

WiredScore’s launch in Leeds takes place at Salem Chapel the headquarters of telecommunications company aql. The former church is a fitting venue for the launch of WiredScore as it now houses data centres and the only fully-independent internet exchange in the UK outside London.

WiredScore’s commercial real estate certification has certified more than 500 million sq. ft. across seven countries, impacting six million office workers, since its launch in New York in 2013.

WiredScore Home builds on the success of the commercial real estate certification and WiredScore is working with successful BTR players including Legal & General, Patrizia, Long Harbour, Town Centre Securities, Argent, and LaSalle, with over 4,500 homes committed to the residential certification at launch.

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