Alternative role play centre for children opens in South Yorkshire

Alan Stanley of UKSE is pictured with Steve and Sophie Siddle along with son James.

An exciting new child’s play centre, providing unique and tailor-made role-playing facilities, has opened its doors to families in Swinton.

The Little Town of Play is a family run business launched by Steve and Sophie Siddle, providing a safe place for children to play, learn, and develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

The “town” consists of 11 play areas where children can dress up and be anything from a teacher, vet or a fire fighter. It also boasts a café for parents to relax in as their children make new friends.

After running a wholesale business for several years, the couple decided to start a new venture that their three-year-old son could enjoy and provide an alternative to the standard soft play centre.

Kickstart funding from UKSE – a business that invests in steel areas in the UK – has supported the launch of the business and has covered the set-up costs associated with it.

Sophie Siddle said: “At Little Town of Play children of all ages have the opportunity to dress up and enter the role of any character they would like for the day.

“So far we’ve had a fantastic reception to the facilities and there are a number of families who we hope will become long term customers, thank you UKSE for helping us make this dream a reality.”

Alan Stanley, regional executive at UKSE, said: “It is great to see The Little Town of Play open in Swinton providing something new which wasn’t already on offer in the area.

“Having already employed a Manager to help with the day to day running of the business, and with Steve and Sophie’s drive and commitment, I’m sure the venture will be a great success.”

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