Safety company partners with community groups to support flood clean-up

Pictured are Doncaster Young Farmers with the Arco equipment

Following the recent floods across South Yorkshire, which have cost many their homes and businesses, the UK’s leading safety company, Arco, has stepped in to help in the worst-affected areas, working with local groups and donating protective equipment and flood clean-up kits.

Doncaster Young Farmers mobilised 100 of its members to undertake clean-up operations in Fishlake Village. To keep the team safe, and to assist with the clean-up, Arco donated flood kits and equipment including: Tyvec coveralls, respiratory masks, hard hats, safety glasses, wellies, gloves, mops and buckets, shovels, squeegees and disinfectant. Arco also provided tea, coffee, sugar and paper cups to the team helping them keep going during the clean-up.

In addition to this the local Arco retail store manager in Doncaster, Simon Walshe, quickly identified where Arco could be of help and approached local flood donation centres to see what was needed. Donations of essential kit have been given to St Peter’s Church Community Group (Bentley) and Stainforth Town Hall (Fishlake).

David Evison, managing director at Arco, said: “As a business with long-standing roots in Yorkshire and a leading safety company, we recognise how severely the floods have impacted many communities and wanted to help those affected.

“Our team’s expertise enabled us to quickly identify the critical issues and best solutions, boost stock of essential equipment and get it delivered to those who needed it.

“As flooding looks set to continue we advise everyone to be prepared, be aware and take action. This time of year is risky for both the public and businesses, as the winter weather takes its toll. We want to ensure our customers are prepared and safe and we can provide expert advice and a comprehensive range of solutions to improve safety whatever the weather.”

Arco, the UK’s leading health and safety expert, has recently launched a campaign to enable businesses and services to deal with extreme winter weather, so they can keep workplaces both safe and open throughout periods of extreme temperatures, heavy snow/rainfall and icy conditions.

To offer further assistance, the safety expert also has a number of advice sheets available online for businesses to download, to aid in the planning, preparation and clean-up of extreme winter weather events including flooding.

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