TL Dallas looks to the future with green client wins

TL Dallas is demonstrating its dedication to environmental sustainability

TL Dallas, one of the UK’s leading independent insurance broking and risk management companies, is demonstrating its dedication to environmental sustainability after winning two national eco-friendly clients.

The Bradford-headquartered firm, which celebrated its centenary in 2019, will provide business insurance for EarthKind, a new brand by Tony Maleedy Hair Ltd, which manufactures ethical, plastic-free shampoo bars and Bower Collective, which produces home and personal care products in reusable and refillable packaging.

Both Bower Collective and EarthKind were established with the goal of eliminating plastic waste from households, having identified the risk that mass-produced micro and nano plastics can pose to the planet’s ecosystem.

Marcus Hill, co-founder and chief executive of Bower Collective, said: “The plastic waste crisis is a defining environmental issue and Bower Collective has a vision to tackle it. Through our work with TL Dallas, we can ensure our businesses’ sustainability, as well as further spread the word about the dangers of plastic pollution.”

Jonathan Lawson-Brown, managing director of Tony Maleedy Hair, said: “There is only one planet Earth and through EarthKind, we are doing our part to ensure that we can look after it as much as possible, by manufacturing plastic free, sustainable hair care products. We recognise the importance of looking to the future in order to combat the enormous damage that has already been done to our planet.”

Mackenzie Dallas, group director of TL Dallas, said: “Both as a business and as individuals, we are increasingly aware of the impetus to change the way in which we consume products, in order to preserve the lifespan of our planet.

“Working with Bower Collective and EarthKind enables us to give our support to these commendable objectives, as well as inspiring and educating us to act more sustainably.

“As a business, we are looking for further opportunities to work within the sustainability and environmental fields. We believe these businesses are particularly important for the future, especially as they support a cause which we are happy to devote our energy to.”

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