Beverley Building Society re-enters fixed rate mortgage market

Head of Lending Graham Carter

Beverley Building Society has launched a fixed rate mortgage, in a bid to help borrowers needing control over their monthly mortgage payments, such as first-time buyers and so-called “trapped borrowers”.

Graham Carter, head of lending, said: “In November, we announced our plans to help trapped borrowers move on from excessively expensive deals with other providers, by implementing the Financial Conduct Authority’s new rules around affordability assessments for people able to demonstrate a positive payment track record.

“For them, first time buyers or anyone also needing to carefully manage their budgets, we hope this new product will offer a valuable new option.

“This is just the latest example of how we are seeking to remain true to our founding purpose, of enabling as many people as possible – and particularly those with complex circumstances – to own their own homes.”


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