Keyland submits planning for 320 Whitby homes

Broomfield Farm

Keyland Developments Ltd, the property trading arm of Kelda Group and sister company to Yorkshire Water, has submitted a planning application to Scarborough Council to transform the largest former Yorkshire Water residential site in its portfolio, Broomfield Farm in Whitby, into a residential scheme of 320 homes.

The circa 23 acre vacant site sits directly adjacent to Stainsacre Lane, a direct route between Whitby and Scarborough, and is close to Eskdale Park residential area and the established Whitby Business Park.

Keyland’s application seeks to sustainably transform the well-connected site into a mixed residential use development of up to 320 homes of different types and tenures with vehicle access, spine road, community hub, associated infrastructure and public open space. The new development could deliver in the region of 800 new jobs for the Whitby area.

Scarborough Council’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and Keyland’s own evidence demonstrates that there is a significant need and demand for different forms of housing within Whitby and the Borough, which is currently not being met by the housing market.

Therefore, the application site has been split into four distinct development sections catering for different housing providers including; self and custom build, community land trust / co-housing, later living housing and small/medium sized housebuilders and volume housing builders.

The aim of this approach is to open the site to a range of housing providers to allow the delivery of different types, forms and tenures of housing to meet the diverse housing needs within Whitby and the wider Borough, whilst also speeding up delivery rates.

The illustrative masterplan allows for apartments, bungalows, terraced houses, townhouses, semi-detached houses and detached houses, with the primary focus being the provision of three and four bedroom properties to cater for local needs.

In addition to creating some 800 new jobs and significantly contributing to the local housing requirements and economy, the proposed development will also deliver benefits in relation to the health and well-being of new and existing residents through improvements to the Cinder Track and local green infrastructure as well as the creation of a new community hub for the whole development and the wider surrounding community.

Luke Axe, Strategic Land and Planning Manager at Keyland Developments, said: “Supporting the local economic and housing requirements whilst being sensitive to the site’s setting has been our priority whilst devising the masterplan for this strategic site. We will shortly be unveiling our emerging business strategy, known as Our Blueprint, which sets out how we intend to change the way that houses are built and bought across Yorkshire.

“As a major landowner in the region we see it as our responsibility to take the lead in diversifying the current housing offer, catering more appropriately to the full spectrum of demographic need. Our sites will explore the role of volume, SME, later-living and self-build products – creating places that are inclusive, healthy and sustainable.

“Broomfield Farm is an example of this new approach and a taster of things to come. We are excited to submit our application to the Council and showcase our plans for the future of the site.”

Keyland Developments Ltd is the property trading arm of Kelda Group and sister company to Yorkshire Water. Keyland has been operating across Yorkshire for over 20 years, regenerating Yorkshire Water’s redundant sites. In addition to its work transforming former Yorkshire Water land, the team also works alongside independent landowners, corporates or regulated bodies to overcome obstacles to development on strategic sites in order to facilitate regeneration by securing planning consent for future use.

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