Government funded programme launched to help businesses facing redundancy

Businesses facing the prospect of making redundancies in Yorkshire and the Humber can benefit from a new Government-backed programme, which provides end-to-end support to those employers wanting to assist staff in finding a new career in teaching.  is funded by the Department for Education and designed to provide firms with the advice and resources needed to guide staff who may be at risk, to transition into a teaching role where their skills and experience will benefit the classroom.

With many highly publicised companies either making redundancies or falling into administration, can help workers in Yorkshire and the Humber use the transferable skills they have built up in their industry to do something truly valuable. Over 100,000 redundancies were made in the UK last year alone. The closure of Thomas Cook where 21,000 jobs were sadly lost last autumn is just one example of where the programme could come in and help relieve some of the pressures facing businesses and their employees.

For firms in Yorkshire and the Humber that may be facing similar situation, can help with some of the challenges and stress by offering a fully funded package of support to affected staff. It aims to dovetail any existing approaches organisations may be making towards redeployment and redundancy support. By engaging with this free programme, the company will also demonstrate a commitment to their staff, corporate citizenship and enhance the quality of education provided locally.

The four-stage process offers organisations support and guidance throughout. Once companies have registered an interest in the programme, will work to manage the transition of eligible employees into teaching by discussing the individual redundancy needs of the business, providing them with resources such as relevant marketing materials and personalised support to employees.

Employees benefit greatly from the programme, with bespoke support given to individuals with an interest in teaching, from assessing their eligibility and helping with the initial application process through to their teacher training and first qualified year of teaching. Ineligible employees will be signposted to alternative routes into teaching.

For many people, teaching can be a truly satisfying career with the ability to make a tangible difference to others. The career offers a unique opportunity to utilise knowledge and skill sets from working environments to inspire future generations. Career-changers in the wake of redundancy with real-world experience across a wealth of industries, sectors and job roles can bring so much to the classroom – one of the core aims of the programme.

Julia Richards, director for, said: “Making staff redundant is one of the worst decisions companies have to face as it can cause such high levels of stress, uncertainty and leave employees wondering where their future lies.

“Through our programme, we’re giving Yorkshire and the Humber organisations across virtually all sectors the unique opportunity to properly support staff through redundancy while tackling skills shortages and enhancing the quality of education provided in local schools. We’d urge all businesses to come forward to find out more.”

Organisations interested in finding more about the programme, or any employees looking to transition into teaching, can start their journey by simply enquiring online at

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