Yorkshire companies join forces to launch food safety training

Rachel Coote and Mark Gash

Skipton-based online training developers, adaptiVLE, has teamed up with their neighbours at Broughton Hall Business Park, Verner Wheelock.

Verner Wheelock provides food safety and hygiene training to many of the UK’s leading food production businesses. It has been based at Broughton for over 20 years. AdaptiVLE specialises in creating platforms and courses to deliver training online and moved to Broughton in 2018.

Verner Wheelock offers classroom-based courses of all levels but wanted a bespoke online offering to add value to existing courses. AdaptiVLE worked with them to build a branded online classroom and video-based interactive course on Food Safety & Hygiene.

The course, which is equivalent to a Level 2 Food Safety course, is intended for use across the food manufacturing industry.

Rachel Coote, marketing manager at Verner Wheelock, said, “We had been looking to provide blended learning options to our customers and AdaptiVLE contacted us at just the right time. The fact that their offices are so close has made life so much easier and we’re extremely pleased with the end result.”

Mark Gash, Lead Creative at adaptiVLE, said: “Many of our clients are based in London, so it was great to be able to work with a company just a stone’s throw from our office. The course is video-based and uses greenscreen to allow us to bring it to life with graphics and animation during the editing process. We then overlaid this with interactive elements, to keep users engaged and to assess their progress.”

The course is now being trialled by Verner Wheelock as a pre-course element of its Hazard Analysis (HACCP) courses for the food industry.

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