Pagabo offsets carbon emissions with tree planting

Ben Thompson, Will Hill and Simon Toplass

Hull-based Pagabo has planted more than 300 trees in order to offset carbon emissions from its road journeys over the next four years.


Simon Toplass, chief executive of Pagabo, said: “We spent time calculating how many miles our team is expected to travel over the coming years, and used this to work out the number of trees we needed to plant in order to offset this. Then we donned our wellies and headed down to our chosen location in East Hull and got to digging!


“The last year has given us the hottest temperatures on record and an increase in the number of storms and floods, proving that looking after our environment is of paramount importance.


“It’s crucial for us as a business to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, and that we do all we can do to work towards a healthier environment for all.”

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