Conversion specialist to help businesses adapting to new transport needs

George Jarvis

A vehicle conversion specialist is offering to work with restaurants, cafes and transport providers as they look for new ways to help customers during the coronavirus crisis.

Harrogate businessman George Jarvis, owner of Eleven Vehicle Conversions, is offering the service as a gesture of solidarity to the hospitality industry which is struggling to face the current challenges. His team – used to turning around vehicles for commercial, access and leisure needs from their workshops in Leeds and Brighouse – will now use their skills to convert any vehicle for catering.

At the same time, he is offering to help taxi companies and other drivers to install safety screens and additional protection in their vehicles so they can continue to offer transport for essential journeys.

George said: “The current situation is completely unprecedented and is hitting absolutely every area of society.

“Restaurants are trying to adapt their services but often don’t have the specialist kit to do so quickly and effectively. Equally, there are many people still reliant on taxi and other transport services for essential travel, but both they and drivers are, naturally, worried about social distancing and minimising the risk of infection.

“As long as the current crisis continues, our team will be prioritising businesses who need to adapt in order to meet the changing needs of their customers. It will be fantastic to see our skills and experience helping to ensure vital services can be offered to communities, and especially to vulnerable people and key workers.”

The workshops maintain the highest levels of hygiene, with the team members working independently to convert vehicles. They can then deliver the vehicle back to the owner’s premises and hand it over safely, ready for immediate use.


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