The Handbag Spa helping in fight against infection with anti-bacterial cleanse

Judy Bass with her unique The Handbag Spa Anti-bacterial Cleanse

A Harrogate business which specialises in the restoration and renovation of luxury handbags is now joining the fight against infection.

The Handbag Spa – which has a global customer base – has developed an antibacterial cleansers for bags which kills 99 per cent of all bacteria.

The company was launched a decade ago by “Queen of Leather” Judy Bass, who has now helped develop the cleanser which, unlike alcohol-based products, doesn’t damage leather and fabrics.

Before launching The Handbag Spa Anti-bacterial Cleanse onto the market, Judy had it tested by Initial Washroom Hygiene, who said: “The Handbag Spa Anti-bacterial Cleanse clearly has a positive hygiene effect on the surfaces of leather, cotton and synthetic fabric bags.

“It has demonstrated a clear and significant reduction in the levels of bacteria-related contamination on the surface of a variety of bags that I tested; typically showing better than 99 per cent reduction.”

Judy, who trains and mentors leather and handbag technicians from around the world, said: “It’s a fact that a handbag can carry more germs than the average toilet seat, but the question has been how do you remove bacteria without ruining the material?

“Our unique cleanser does just that. It kills nearly all-known bacteria on both the outside and inside, and is formulated to be used on all types of leather and fabric.

“The coronavirus has meant hygiene has never been higher on the agenda, but anti-bacterial handwash and gel is in short supply so using The Handbag Spa Anti-bacterial Cleanse will at least ensure that your bags will be clean.”

The Handbag Spa Anti-bacterial Cleanse is available as both a spray and as handy on the go wipes from its website,

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