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Heating firm offers free use of company vans to staff who want to volunteer with NHS

A Huddersfield heating and plumbing specialist is offering its unused fleet of 12 company vans to employees who want to put themselves forward for the NHS Volunteer Scheme.


Metro Eco has had to furlough 90 per cent of its workforce in line with government guidelines, leaving many of its fleet of vehicles unused.


Aware that several of its employees were considering putting themselves forward as NHS volunteers, Metro eco has offered them the use of its vans, with all petrol, insurance and other vehicle related costs covered by the company.


The NHS has asked for volunteers to help with vital tasks necessary to help protect the 1.5million most vulnerable people in the UK, who have been told to stay home for 12 weeks.


The tasks may involve delivering food and medicines to households, providing patient transport, and transporting equipment and supplies between NHS sites. Patient transport drivers will require an enhanced DBS check. Over half a million people have signed up to the scheme since it launched.


David Shaw of Metro eco said: “Five of our staff have already volunteered and as the remainder are on furlough as of the end of last week more have said they would like to do so. We’re more than happy to offer the use of our fleet of Ford Transit and Citroen Berlingo vans to help, maybe allowing the transportation of larger or higher quantities of items.


“It seemed crazy the vehicles sitting there unused when they could be doing something so worthwhile. As of course is appropriate, the NHS is having to perform DBS checks and our workers already have that in place, as they’re used to being in the homes of the elderly and vulnerable helping with heating, plumbing and electrical issues. Hopefully that might allow them to be up and running even more quickly.”

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