idhl’s search marketing agencies launch complimentary digital drop-in sessions

idhl – The Connected Agency Group – is proud to launch complimentary digital drop-in sessions.

Delivered by its search marketing agencies WMG, Ingenuity Digital and equation, the service has been set up to support UK-based businesses who, in these uncertain times, are unsure of how to adapt their 2020 marketing plans to react to the current climate.

More than 140 experts will be on-hand to undertake analysis and offer strategic, data-driven recommendations – all free of charge.

Each of WMG, Ingenuity Digital and equation’s digital drop-in sessions will be tailored to fit the business need, but may include:

  • Discussion about current pain points and ways to use digital marketing and/or paid media marketing to overcome them.
  • Review of the current marketing strategy and investment plan.
  • Identification of new digital marketing tactics including more budget-friendly alternatives that will drive results.
  • Identification of opportunities to boost brand awareness and reach target audiences.
  • Review of the market position in relation to the industry.

Businesses within the Forex, Automotive or eCommerce sectors will be connected with specialists at WMG, idhl’s data-driven, digital-performance agency, where the team has a wealth of expertise in building impactful, cross-channel digital marketing campaigns for leading national brands.

Businesses within the Travel, Fashion Retail, Finance, Insurance and Property sectors will be connected with the digital experts at Ingenuity Digital, idhl’s high-performance and international search marketing arm, whereby analytics are blended with technical expertise and creative output to increase online visibility.

Where paid media – PPC to remarketing, shopping to programmatic, CRO to UX –  is the area of focus, businesses will be connected with the tech experts at equation, idhl’s specialist paid media agency.

Ian Lloyd, Managing Director at WMG, Ingenuity Digital and equation said: “When we forecasted the digital marketing trends of 2020, COVID-19 was not one of them! What was working for businesses before this is unlikely to be as effective in these uncertain times, and brands should look to review their plans and adapt to weather the storm. 

“We’re incredibly proud of our experts from across the group and we want to put our skills to good use and help businesses navigate the turbulence of COVID-19.

No matter the marketing problem, we are here to help; whether it’s market insight or suggestions on alternative marketing tactics, it’s our aim to support businesses as best we can.” 

To arrange a digital drop-in session, please complete an online contact form:

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