Horsforth-based soap manufacturer boosts output

The Stephenson production line

Manufacturer of soap bases and natural ingredients, Stephenson, is stepping up production levels at its Horsforth-based manufacturing plant as it continues to deliver to international personal care, cosmetics brands, manufacturers and artisan soap makers.

The family-owned company has worked tirelessly since the start of the pandemic to ensure the smooth continuation of production processes and the safety of its employees as the effects of COVID-19 influence every element of work and daily life.

Demand for Stephenson soap bases has surged as the need for hygiene products intensifies across the world. The technical team at Stephenson has developed a brand-new liquid soap base, Liquid Soap 2020, to meet demand with delivery available in as little as two weeks.

Liquid Soap 2020 has been specifically formulated to be an all-purpose liquid soap, suitable for both personal care, such as hand and body washing and multi-purpose cleansing for hard surfaces and floors. 

The product is derived from natural vegetable oils and comes ready to use by personal care and cosmetics brands. Liquid Soap 2020 is already being shipped to multiple distributors across Stephenson’s established global networks.  

Stephenson also has a fully natural and organic soap named Liquid Soap 105C, which is COSMOS and Soil Certified for brands that have a focus on such claims. This product has been established in the global market becoming a firm favourite among manufacturers and formulators alike.

James Clews, sales and marketing director at Stephenson, said: “Our procurement and operations teams have worked hard to ensure continuity of supply of key ingredients, packaging and products, whilst our customer teams have maintained constant communication to keep customers updated with any developments or changes. 

“We have remained at full production capacity by careful planning early on in the crisis, implementing a phased process of staff working from home and leaving only essential operational staff onsite in the manufacturing plant to keep production levels at a maximum. This not only ensures safe social distancing is adhered to at all times but means we can also continue to operate efficiently and stay in regular contact with colleagues and partners remotely without posing any risks to any of our 100 employees.”

The Leeds-based, fifth-generation family-owned business delivers tailor-made solutions for personal care brands and manufacturers worldwide. 

James added: “We are continuing to receive many order inquiries from both new and existing customers. As a business we are well prepared to meet the ongoing challenge and have the flexibility to adapt our production capacity to meet future needs around the world as the majority of our business is conducted outside of the UK.”

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