Digital marketing firm Modo25 host expert panel conversation on affiliate marketing

The panel

Modo25, a digital marketing and technology provider based in Leeds, is offering a free online expert panel discussion on affiliate marketing and its relevance in your digital marketing strategy.

This online panel debate will take place through Zoom on Thursday, May 21, at 11am, and will cover whether affiliate marketing is still relevant, guidance on implementing this channel for your brand and the potential impact of COVID-19 on the affiliate marketing network.

John Readman, CEO and Founder of Modo25 said: “We think that affiliates are a massive missed opportunity for businesses and that some people don’t realise the potential and what they can contribute.

“In our experience, affiliate marketing is working wonders for our current clients. I’m looking forward to discussing this in more detail with our experienced speakers.”

The panel will be chaired by Jules Pancholi, an experienced technology and marketing services entrepreneur, which includes serving as a Non-Executive Director of Skyscanner Limited.

Alongside John Readman at Modo25, the panel will feature Sri Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Increasingly, an AI powered cross selling platform and Jessica Brown, Agency Partner at Awin, the global affiliate marketing network.

Jules Pancholi has previously served at travel comparison site Skyscanner, and is experienced in performance sales and marketing.

He said: “Does the changing world we live in offer a new lease of life to affiliate marketing? Who stands to win and lose and how do you make the best of the opportunities affiliate marketing presents? These are just a handful of questions that will be answered in what is set to be an exciting discussion with our expert panellists, make sure you join us.”

There will be an opportunity for attendees to take part in a Q&A session with the panellists after the discussion.

The webinar is free to attend and will take place on Thursday, May 21, at 11am, you can reserve your place on their panel discussion by signing up here.


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