New tech solution to allow social distancing whilst detecting leaks

Yorkshire Water introduce innovative tech solution to detect leaks

Yorkshire Water has introduced a new tech solution to ensure that customer water leaks continue to be detected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to current restrictions, Yorkshire Water’s leakage inspectors are not entering customer properties to investigate suspected supply pipe and plumbing leaks.

In order to detect leaks without entering a customer’s property, Yorkshire Water have partnered with Invenio Systems to introduce Stop.Watch loggers.

The loggers are temporarily installed on external stop taps of properties where leakage inspectors have identified that there may be a leak. The logger monitors subtle changes in the water’s temperature which informs the team whether there is an ongoing plumbing leak within a customer’s property, or whether their supply pipe is leaking.

Crucially, these investigations can be done without entering a customer’s property or disrupting their water supply, therefore maintaining the safety of Yorkshire Water’s customers and staff. Any resultant work needed can then be prioritised, to ensure that Yorkshire Water’s customers have a resilient water supply into the future.

Yorkshire Water innovation technical specialist Katrina Bakker said: “The Stop.Watch solution enables us to identify leaks and prioritise remedial work, ensuring that our customers continue to receive the excellent service they expect from us during this challenging time.”


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