Offshore firm supports local NHS workers

Bob and Sharon Mainprize

A Yorkshire-based supplier to the European offshore renewables industry has been praised by members of staff at Scarborough Hospital after donating over 10,000 face masks to frontline workers amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mainprize Offshore Ltd, a business banking customer with Royal Bank of Scotland, had purchased the masks prior to the coronavirus pandemic, opting instead to give them to nearby Scarborough Hospital.

The Yorkshire firm, who supply offshore vessels and crew for the European windfarm market, had initially ordered the masks to provide team members aboard their vessels with necessary PPE.

After hearing from a family member that the hospital was in need of additional masks, Bob and Sharon Mainprize enquired about their own stock and were relieved to find that it met NHS safety requirements, making the masks suitable for donation.

Bob Mainprize, co-owner of Mainprize Offshore, said: “We are in awe of the hard work and dedication of our NHS and frontline workers – both across the UK and closer to home here in Yorkshire.

“We’re grateful to have been able to show our appreciation by donating our excess supply of masks to those with a far greater need. While we have absorbed the cost at a time when small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges, Sharon and I had no reservations at all in doing whatever we could to support the efforts of the country’s frontline workers.

“We would also like to thank our own workforce for making this possible, without their hard work we wouldn’t have been in the fortunate position to be able to make the donation.

“Scarborough Hospital has always held a special place in our family and my own grandmother was awarded a British Empire Medal for her charitable work at the hospital over 70 years ago. I like to think she would’ve been proud of our contribution to support the amazing work of today’s staff.”

Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are extremely grateful for the support of our local business and wider community, my thanks go to everyone who has made a contribution.”

Eileen Tocher, Relationship Director, Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “The generous donation made by Bob and Sharon is just one example of the community spirit we’re seeing from our customers across the country.

“Coronavirus has had – and continues to have – a devastating impact on every aspect of life as we knew it. Many of us at the bank have friends and family members working on the frontline and it is comforting to know that through the valiant work of our NHS and gracious acts like that of Mainprize Offshore, we can all play a role in protecting those close to us and come one step closer to winning the battle against the current outbreak.”


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