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New project aims to build a Bradford Family Archive

A new project being supported by a RESPONSE grant from Bradford Council aims to build an online Bradford Family Archive.

The RESPONSE grants have been set up by Bradford Council to support the arts and culture sector to create projects to help connect those who may feel isolated and to support people’s mental health and wellbeing as they live through the coronavirus pandemic.


There are currently over 55 creative and arts projects being supported by these grants, helping people of all ages and backgrounds across the whole of the district.


New Focus, Impressions Gallery’s young people’s collective, is asking people from across the Bradford district to share their family photographs and heirloom objects to become part of the Bradford Family Archive.


People can share their story through Facebook or Instagram, to help New Focus to create an online archive showcasing objects, stories and photographs to celebrate what makes the Bradford district the unique, vibrant and interesting place that it is.

At the end of the project, a short film that highlights some of the stories shared will premiere on July 24.

To get involved people are asked to join the Bradford Family Archive group on Facebook, find an old photograph or heirloom object, take a photo of it and write a 50 word short family story. They can then post their story on group Facebook page or on Instagram and tag @ImpNewFocus and add the hashtag #BradfordFamilyArchive. Those who don’t use social media can email their photograph and story to


The deadline for submissions is the June 30, 2020.


As part of the project, New Focus will be also be hosting Photographs and Laughs a weekly meet up via the video conferencing service Zoom. This takes place every Thursday between 3pm and 4pm. The sessions allow people to have fun share events, meet the team and talk about your family story. To take part email –


Counr Sarah Ferriby Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “We recognised early on in the coronavirus pandemic that the arts and culture sector would be affected and also that many people in our district may become isolated and struggle with their mental health and wellbeing as a consequence.


“The amazing arts and culture sector in Bradford is wonderfully resourceful at creating solutions and generating ideas and the projects that we’re supporting are really making a difference to people from across the district by helping them to express their feelings through creative activities.”


For more information about the Impressions Gallery and the Bradford Family Archive project visit  


To find out about other projects receiving support from Bradford Council through the RESPONSE grants visit

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