Yorkshire healthcare expertise comes together

South Yorkshire-based White Rose PR has been appointed by Positive Science People, founded in Halifax, West Yorkshire, to support the company’s PR activity for its all-in-one food supplement ActiFlex™.

Positive Science People is boosting its marketing efforts in 2020 and chose White Rose PR for their expertise in the Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS) category. The company has recently launched its first product ActiFlex™ with 15 ingredients for joint health, immune support, bone strength, anti-inflammatory and energy. There are more products planned in 2020 and beyond.

Sandra Witzel, co-founder of Positive Science People comments, “I developed ActiFlex™ because of my own journey with arthritis. Certain vitamins, minerals and extracts are proven to benefit the symptoms people with arthritis face, such as bone and joint weakness, inflammation, reduced immunity and low energy. They do not cure the illness, but can help people live with the issues. That’s where ActiFlex™ can make a difference and we wanted someone with VMS category experience to help us move the brand forward. We’re excited about what lies ahead.”

Louise Pinchin, director of White Rose PR and a former Boots PR Manager has a wealth of experience in healthcare, specifically in nutritional supplementation and natural healthcare. She added “We are super-excited to work with Positive Science People and look forward to delivering our plans to promote their brands. They have a great personal story to tell and some innovative plans for the new year, which we look forward to sharing with the healthcare press.”

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