Harrogate entrepreneur launches first ever global property networking app

Andre Mansoori Dara

As the coronavirus continues to grip the world we are now living in unprecedented times, and adjusting to ‘the new normal’ of social distancing and working from home.

Like the majority of industries, the global pandemic has caused the property market to slow severely. But with experts predicting this is temporary, how can we use this time working at home to our advantage? A brand-new networking app The Eighth Door, dedicated solely to the property industry, has the answer.   

In development for 18 months, The Eighth Door is an innovative app that enables you to contact and conduct business directly with the individuals and companies you need to grow your business.

This pioneering concept, which is set to revolutionise the industry at a time it so desperately needs it, is the brainchild of property veteran Andre Mansoori-Dara, who has been in the industry for over 25 years.

Andre said: “We are facing extraordinary times, but now, more than ever we need to think of ways to protect and grow our businesses, so when it bounces back, and it will, we are ready. It’s all about weathering the storm. We are a very sociable industry, with business made by meeting contacts at events and trade shows, which are sadly now nonexistent for the foreseeable future. This is where the app can help, as we still need to connect in these strange and difficult times.”

Andre added: “Despite there being plenty of professional networking apps, there is none dedicated entirely to people in property. Other platforms work across all industries and sectors, making it difficult to connect to the right person. Until now, our app offers a niche focus purely for property professionals globally.”

With easy-to-use search options members can search or be contacted by an individual, company, location or category / sector. The concept is to connect for the first time or re-connect with professionals.

Members include architects, interior designers, developers residential and commercial, sales agents, funders, construction companies, family offices, sales and marketing agencies, high net worth individuals, plus many more. Members can showcase their companies, employees and office locations so they can be found by other members and manage their own profiles with ease. They can also invite business associates, colleagues and friends with the click of a button.

Andre said: “They say it isn’t what you know, but who you know, and when you have the right network and connect with the right people, relationships grow and business is created. Now more than ever technology is our friend, with us all confined to our homes we are using apps like Zoom, House Party and Facebook to keep connected to our friends and family, that we can no longer see in person.

“For your property business needs, The Eighth Door can help you reach professionals, who now find themselves working from home with more time on their hands. These contacts, which may have not had the time to connect in the past, due to heavy workloads and being in back to back meetings, will now be open to new opportunities.”

Developed by leading inhouse web and app-based coders, the technology behind the system is so advanced, yet the sophisticated software simplifies it all, making it easy to use. The service reduces lengthy introductions, and the simple search option provides members with companies and people that match the chosen criteria. Once the right person has been found members can then send a request to call, video calling or in person (COVID-19 dependent).

Andre added: “I have been working on this for three years, so after eighteen months of extensively testing the concept, I’m delighted it’s now become a reality. Registration has been open for several months to enable us to build up a strong directory of members, which already includes some of the industries finest.

“It’s so simple to use and the added bonus is that any business conducted between both parties, is not subject to any further introductory fees or commission from The Eighth Door. We don’t know how long this will go on for, and how long we will be social distancing for, what is certain, is that for the foreseeable future face to face networking events are extinct. I strongly believe this is the solution, the only solution, to expanding your contact base in the current times.

“Build up contacts now, for the future, by using this time wisely to connect and communicate, resulting in new business for when we can get back to our normal way of life.”

Members need to register via the website or download the app for free. Membership is only £25 a month, with a 30 days free trial period with no ongoing contract and the option to cancel at any time. Data is protected and not shared. Go to the app store now to download or visit www.eightdoorclub.com or call 0333 9872 888.

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