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Chadwick Lawrence solicitors go above and beyond during pandemic

During a time of uncertainly, many businesses have adapted to new ways of working, to not only survive but to support its customers, colleagues and wider community. Aside from ensuring the safety and wellbeing of its own staff during the pandemic, Chadwick Lawrence have gone to great lengths to support its customers and stakeholders.

Yorkshire’s Legal People have invested significant time ensuring individuals and businesses have easy access to jargon-free legal services and free resources to help navigate through these unprecedented few months.

The firm have developed a number of free resources; including webinars, informational packs and videos, summarising key government reports and any changes in any legislation, relevant to both individuals and businesses alike. Both clients and non-clients have access to the wide range of resources, regularly distributed via email and social media and is a free-to-access resource on the firm’s website.

Neil Wilson, managing partner at Chadwick Lawrence, said: “I’m extremely proud of how everyone within the firm has adapted quickly to the new way of working and how they have gone beyond their normal roles to help people struggling with legal issues during the pandemic.

The additional time and effort that has been put into creating these resources and keeping them up to date and accessible to all, is very much welcomed by the business community and we have had really great feedback acknowledging that.”

Employees are described as Chadwick Lawrence’s greatest asset; therefore, the firm have also been extremely supportive, understanding, and open with their employees.

Regular surveys are sent out to understand individuals’ views, requirements, and circumstances during lockdown, and to identify how they are managing working from home. The firm have also been transparent in communicating future plans, and have welcomed ideas to shape office reopening plans and to continue providing highest standards of customer service during & after the pandemic.

Sam Pawson, Partner at Chadwick Lawrence said: “It is crucial firms start to look at adapting their business in line with the ‘new normal’; therefore, as well as providing legal knowledge to firms, our teams have supported and advised them on future plans and strategy.

“We will continue to support clients and prospects alike as the economy hopefully starts to recover in the coming months.”



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