Tinsley Park Golf Course celebrates its centenary

Tinsley Golf Course

A Sheffield golf course has celebrated its centenary.

Tinsley Park Golf Course, which is managed by the health and wellbeing charity, Sheffield City Trust, opened the first nine holes of the course on July 17 1920, with an additional nine holes being added later.


The official opening ceremony included an exhibition match between George Duncan, Open Champion; James Braid, J H Taylor and Abe Mitchell, was well attended with many council officials amongst the guests, including; Sir William Clegg, Alderman Cattell; Mr T W Quine and Captain Fred Banning.


Sir William Clegg welcomed the players on the day and stated: “The main desire in the minds of those who had secured the possibility of the course, was to provide golf, not so much for that which was so often miscalled the middle-class population, as for the artisan, to encourage him to come to Tinsley to learn something of a game which was being played with such extraordinary popularity and which was so very delightful.”


The full 18 hole course was officially opened on April 23, 1921, costing £12,000 to build. 560 people paid for admission on the day of the exhibition game and with members and invited guests, close to 1,000 spectators witnessed the day’s play.


Andrew Snelling, Sheffield City Trust chief executive, said: “On days like this, it’s a real pleasure to look back on the history of the facilities that we manage and see the positive impact that they’ve had on communities across Sheffield.

“Our leisure and entertainment facilities are a well-established part of life in Sheffield and over the years we’ve seen them evolve along with the needs of our residents.

“Everyone is welcome through the doors, at all our venues, and we’re looking forward to when we can reopen more of our much-loved facilities to local people once again.  

“I’m sure that people from all across Sheffield, and farther afield, have fond memories of taking part in the many activities available in Sheffield, and at Tinsley, which has seen 100 years’ worth of pars, birdies, bogies and I dare say a fair few hole-in-ones.

“Who knows what the next 100 years will hold, but in a city with as many green spaces as Sheffield, I’m confident that there will always be countless activities and choices that contribute to improved health and wellbeing.”


The course remains open and is operating in a Covid safe manner. As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the Trust has made some changes to how the game will be played. This will ensure the safety of members players and colleagues and help prevent the spread of coronavirus. To find out more about how Tinsley Park Golf Course is operating click here: https://www.siv.org.uk/golf-faqs

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