Econ Engineering unveils newest innovation

The country’s leading manufacturer of winter maintenance equipment has unveiled a ground breaking new product to keep footpaths and cycle routes clear in freezing weather conditions.

Econ Engineering – which manufactures more than 80 per cent of gritters used on Britain’s roads – has developed a towable-trailer which has the capability of precision spraying liquid de-icer over a 100km distance before needing a refill.

And, unlike rock-salt which needs to be broken down either underfoot or under wheel before it starts to melt ice and snow, the liquid de-icer gets to work immediately.

Econ’s innovative towable trailer liquid de-icer spreader (TTLDS), which has been designed and manufactured at its North Yorkshire headquarters, is quickly and easily attached to any 4×4, plant vehicle, or even a quad bike with a two-tonne towing capability.

In addition to delivering the liquid de-icer from rear and side facing precision nozzles, it also has a hand lance for use on steps and other, traditional, hard to reach areas.

Econ Engineering Director Andrew Lupton said: “For more than 50 years we have been a leader and innovator in gritting and winter maintenance operations, and we are delighted to be able to add our Econ TTLDS to our product range.

“The demand for cycle routes across the UK, and the announcement that £85m has been earmarked for 200 new sections, has been a key driver in Econ developing, manufacturing and now launching it.

“In addition to public footpaths and cycle paths, the Econ TTLDS’s size and portability makes it ideal for school and university campuses, business parks, and hospital estates, anywhere where there is a need to keep walkways snow and ice free.

“The 900-litre tank – which has a 100km range – dispenses of the need for a back up vehicle. Even though we are in the height of summer, winter is just around the corner, and with an Econ TTLDS, councils, highways authorities and estate managers, will be well prepared.”

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