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Dozens of town centre businesses apply for Harrogate BID reopening grants

Dozens of Harrogate town centre businesses have applied for grants to help cover costs associated with reopening from the enforced coronavirus lockdown.

Last month, Harrogate BID (Business Improvement District) offered levy payers an opportunity to apply for a match-funded grant of up to £750 to help them re open safely for customers and staff, which is still available.

A total of £20,000 has been set aside for businesses to purchase signage, barriers, screens or other equipment, but not sanitisers, to assist businesses in the re-opening process, ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

Harrogate BID Acting Chair Sara Ferguson said: “Being the owner of two town centre hospitality businesses, I too have incurred costs to be able to reopen safely.

“Businesses have been through an awful lot since the lockdown since Mid March’s lockdown, and I’m pleased that the BID is able to offer financial assistant to levy payers to be able to reopen their businesses.

“So far we have received grant submissions from more than 27 businesses for grant aid to the tune of £14,000. And these businesses are not just restricted to those in retail and hospitality.

“The town centre is home to a wide range of businesses, who employ a large number of staff from across the District, all adding to the rich mix that makes Harrogate so special.”

Those levy payers who have not yet submitted an application for grant support have until the end August to do so, by mailing

In their submission, they need to include a brief description of the equipment either already purchased, or are in the process of being buying, along with receipts or an estimate of costs and expected delivery date.

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