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B. Braun Medical education arm celebrates 25 years

Sheffield-based Aesculap Academia UK is celebrating 25 years of delivering world-class medical and surgical education.

The Centre, which forms the educational arm of B. Braun Medical Ltd, has an international reputation for providing continuing education around cutting-edge topics, techniques and thinking to a wide range of health care professionals.

These include trainee and experienced surgeons, anaesthetists, physicians and nurses with an expanding portfolio of courses accredited by medical societies and associations including the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS).

Indeed, last year, Aesculap Academia UK was awarded a prestigious quality mark from the RCS in recognition of its outstanding surgical education centre provision with ‘quality teaching’ and a ‘dedicated senior leadership’. This award of excellence means it is now accredited as an official RCS centre.

Not only does Aesculap Academia UK organise training courses for healthcare professionals throughout all stages of their career, it also partners with some of the UK’s leading medical and surgical societies to deliver collaborative meetings between diverse disciplines.

Aynsley Pix, business development manager for Aesculap Academia, said: “We are delighted to celebrate our 25th anniversary. It is a testament to the hard work of our teams over the last quarter of a century!

“Their commitment, delivery and management of a full portfolio of medical education courses has enabled us to grow the business in the UK, and all endorsed by the RCS.

“We look forward to continuing to share expertise and our pursuit of excellence in healthcare with our customers and partners ensuring we provide the highest quality learning experiences for anyone who strives to protect life and health.”

The idea of developing an education arm to B. Braun Medical Ltd started in the 1990s with a single course created in response to requests from surgeons looking for expert medical educational training.

Following successful early pilot events, B. Braun formalised the area of the business and in 1996 it officially became known as Aesculap Academia UK delivering medical and surgical education in conjunction with key surgeons, particularly in the area of orthopaedics.

Over the last 25 years the Centre has delivered hundreds of high-calibre continuing education courses and cross-disciplinary meetings and training events keeping medical professionals, hospital personnel and management fit for the future.

The Academia UK team is part of the global Aesculap Academy which runs the training and education platforms for the entire B. Braun Group with an established international presence in over 40 countries.

To date around 25,000 courses have been held with over one million participants, and in 2020, the Acadamy expects to have over 100,000 participants attending digital courses across the world.

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