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Key appointment as PES Performance expands 3D scanning & data capture services

Sheffield-based Engineering design company PES Performance Ltd has made a key appointment within their 3D scanning business as increased client demand has led the company to expand the data capture services, they provide.

They have recruited Carl Mason to the PES Scanning division as senior metrology aplications engineer. Carl has over 20 years scanning & metrology experience, within aerospace and multiple other advanced manufacturing industries. He has worked with companies including BAe Systems, and the National Composites Centre.

Carl said: “What first attracted me to the role at PES Scanning was the diversity of projects that the company are involved in. There is the opportunity to work across many different sectors and undertake different challenges with clients both in the UK and internationally.

“The ability to work with the engineering and scanning teams at PES is also a big draw for me. Many companies just offer scanning services, but we provide integrated data capture and design solutions, which is important for many clients. It helps ensure that clients get a better result for their project.”

PES Scanning delivers very accurate scanning and measurement services for clients in aerospace, automotive, energy generation, engineering and manufacturing, and motorsport. This allows them to develop new products, check the quality of parts they produce, or create engineering drawings of older parts where no original plans may still exist.

Mike Maddock, managing director at PES Performance, said: “We had been looking for a senior metrology engineer for PES Scanning for some time now. This is both to take the business forward and to further underpin the business with the levels of experience that a mature operator provides.

“We are pleased to have recruited Carl into PES Scanning because of his skillset, and his seniority with over 20 years of metrology experience. With the addition of Carl’s expertise, it will be exciting to see where, as a team, we can take the scanning and data capture business.”

PES Performance is a high-performance engineering solutions business, based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP). With a multi-disciplinary team of design and performance engineers, the team delivers high quality and technologically advanced solutions in engineering and tooling design for clients.

The PES Scanning business utilises CT & 3D optical scanning and data capture systems to deliver specialised services, including reverse engineering, quality inspection, design optimisation and planned preventative maintenance.

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