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Beverley skin doctor invited to speak at virtual Holistic Skin Care conference

A Beverley skincare consultant and facial massage therapist has been invited to address delegates online at the 13th Annual Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners Conference that takes place this weekend.

Dr Katerina Steventon, founder of Beverley, East Yorkshire based Independent Skincare Consultancy is the only UK based speaker to address delegates at the four day event that is dubbed by organisers as the only online holistic skin care conference in America.

With a theme of Strengthening the Resolve: Renew, Purify, Balance, Restore, and Regenerate, the conference brings together world-class national and international physicians, natural health practitioners, and aesthetic industry experts for four days of live ZOOM lectures, round table discussion, videos and demonstrations.

The subject of Dr Steventon’s talk is ‘Perspectives in Psychodermatology’. She will draw on her three decades of research and in clinic practice to address the interaction between emotional stressors and the correlation to skin conditions and their severity, with particular emphasis on acne.

Dr Steventon said: “This class will provide insights as to the socioeconomic and phycological impact acne clients may face due to their chronic conditions. Acne vulgaris one of the most common skin conditions and can have a significant detrimental impact on people’s quality of life.

“The major emotional implications and its social consequences challenge the classical view of acne as something purely physiological or even trivial. My talk will focus on skincare recommendations and working with the cycle to help alleviate the severity of the disease.”

Dr Steventon has worked for prestigious brands including Shiseido, La Prairie, Unilever and Smith & Nephew Wound Management. Today, she runs an independent evidence-based skincare clinic, addressing consumer needs in skin health and ageing, acne, skin barrier dysfunction, skin – brain connection in mental health and wellbeing.

She has also developed a Signature Routine comprising a Calming Cleanser “1”, Anti-Ageing Serum “4” and Radiance Eye & Lip Serum “9” that is available from

The conference is organised by The Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners: a non-profit organization established in 2007 to foster holistic aesthetic concepts from a scientific-educational perspective – while advocating healthy approaches to beauty and wellness.


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