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Leeds homebuyers take advantage of stamp duty holiday

321 Move, a property company with offices in Leeds and London, has seen a huge upsurge in homeowners looking for a quick house sale as they take advantage of the new stamp duty holiday.

The recent stamp duty holiday has encouraged many to take advantage of savings of up to £15,000 on their next house sale. The temporary holiday applies to all property sales in England and Northern Ireland on the first £500,000.

The aim of the stamp duty holiday is to boost the UK property market after it remained stagnant throughout lockdown and to help those affected financially by Covid-19. Unsurprisingly, the prospect of stamp duty savings has led to an increase in house sales across the UK and the North of England.

A spokesperson for 321 Move said: “In this case, we’ve seen a huge increase in those looking to for a speedy house sale, without the hassle of the traditional estate agent route, where long waiting times and chains can cause a lot of stress for those who are worried about missing out on their dream home.

“To avoid missing out on the stamp duty holiday, you may need to sell your house fast. Homeowners come to property buying companies such as 321 Move for a variety of reasons, especially when looking for a speedy house sale. They may be interested in selling an inherited house or looking to maximise their spend after a divorce or separation.”

321 Move has more than a decade of experience in the property sector. It prides itself on offering a professional, experienced, and cost-effective service across sales, maintenance, lettings, and development.


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