Street Crane Welcomes third generation to family firm

Pictured are Martin and Will Street

William Street has joined the family engineering business, Street Crane Company, as an accountant.

The Sheffield firm was started by Will’s grandfather, Peter Street, a Word War Two Spitfire pilot who used his demob to fund its launch in 1946.

Will said: “I am thrilled to be joining Street Crane. It is special being able to join something that your family helped build from the ashes of World War Two.”

Street Crane Company is now headquartered in High Peak, but retains strong links with Sheffield through its crane maintenance arm, Street Cranexpress, which is still based here. The group employs 350 staff over six sites and is a major exporter of hoists and crane components through a global network of over 120 partners.

For the previous five years, Will has been honing his accountancy and business finance skills at one of the country’s top accountancy firms, BHP in Chesterfield and Sheffield, where he gained his ACCA qualification.

Prior to joining BHP, Will gained both a BSc (Agriculture, honours in animal production science) and MSc (Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare) at Newcastle University.

He added: “There are always crossovers from university degrees to the working world, even though on the face of it, it would appear that agriculture and cranes could not be further apart. Agriculture is all about efficiencies, and getting the most output from your resources, and this is something I believe translates into manufacturing.”

Will first gained experience of working at Street Crane in his university gap year when he took on a job in the packing and shipping department. Here, he successfully designed and implemented a new packing system.

He said: “I am looking forward to the challenge of learning all aspects of the business. The recent launch of Eazycrane,  a software-based crane design, estimating and manufacturing package, shows that Street Crane embraces technology and new ideas to stay ahead of the competition. This makes it an exciting time to be part of the team that is driving the company’s success.”

Martin Street, Will’s father and current chairman of the business,said: “It gives me immense pleasure and pride to see Will join the business as the 3rd generation Street to do so. I hope he will enjoy a long association with the great people and clients who he will be working with at Street Crane in the UK and also throughout the world via our distributing partners.’’

Will said: “What both my grandfather and father have achieved is nothing short of phenomenal. With my grandfather starting off repairing and servicing cranes in Sheffield in the 1940s and then my father turning it into the global supplier you see today, one day, it will now hopefully be me helping to take Street Crane to the next level.”

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