Specialist marketing agency for recruiters launches amidst pandemic

Growth Recruits offers specialist marketing services for recruitment companies including SEO

A brand new marketing agency specialising in digital marketing for the recruitment industry has successfully launched amidst the pandemic, based in Ilkley.

Growth Recruits offers specialist marketing services for recruitment companies including SEO, web design and development, and PR.

The company has launched in the face of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and in fact it was the pandemic which propelled the concept for the unique new agency.

It comes from the same talented team behind specialist travel marketing agency, SEO Travel. Growth Recruits has been launched as Tom Mcloughlin, director of SEO Travel, and his team looked to develop their current marketing services following the impact which the pandemic has had on their business.

In a bid to secure the future of the company and the livelihood of his team, Tom made the decision to expand the company by taking the team’s established digital marketing expertise and branching out to another niche outside of travel.

Having already worked for a number of years with a client who incorporated both the travel and recruitment sector, the agency had already gained fantastic results for an agency within recruitment making this sector a natural fit.

The result was the launch of Growth Recruits, using the experienced team’s talents across digital marketing to provide a specialist service for recruitment companies.

The agency has been running in its pilot phase since March and will officially launch in November 2020.

Tom Mcloughlin said: “It wasn’t long before we saw the impact which the Covid-19 outbreak was having on travel and subsequently our business. The only solution was for us to get innovative and take on a new challenge.

“Already having some experience in marketing for a recruitment agency branching out in this direction was the natural choice. The team has an established set of skills across SEO, PR, design, and web development and now we are bringing those same established skills to support recruitment companies in their digital marketing.

“We have already furthered our knowledge of the world of recruitment extensively in the last 6 months from the work we have been doing with our Growth Recruits clients and I am very excited to be bringing expert marketing services for recruiters into the industry where we know how much impact specialism can have.”

Growth Recruits has already built up an impressive roster of clients, having initially provided marketing services for free to a number of clients as they fully established their knowledge within the sector.

In this time the agency has already seen incredible results for their clients including launching two websites which have both powered straight to page one of Google for those clients most important phrases within 3 months. Their first client now gains 80 per cent of their new clients from people finding them in Google.

With the agency now fully launched, McLoughlin and the team are also set to offer a specialist digital marketing training course for recruitment companies.

This has come off the back of discussions with people in the industry who were reeling from the impact of COVID and didn’t have the resources to pay for ongoing agency support, but did have some time to spend marketing themselves if given solid, trusted guidance.

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