EnviroBuild grow sustainably during pandemic

James Brueton

EnviroBuild, a supplier of sustainable materials to the construction industry, has seen growth with strong trading despite the national lockdown due to an increased demand in sustainable building materials.

EnviroBuild has not only successfully continued to supply and deliver to building sites during lockdown but has also grown its sales and workforce as more customers turn to sustainable alternatives.

Although building and construction is one of the few industries which largely remained up and running during lockdown, availability and delivery of materials created a barrier for many commercial developers and construction companies.

But thanks to EnviroBuild’s foresight and innovation at a time when many manufacturers and merchants were forced to shut up shop, the company has gone from strength to strength.

In quarter two, EnviroBuild reported a 45 per cent increase in revenue on 2019’s figures and that increased even further in quarter three with a 51 per cent rise in revenue via the retail sales division. Their Galleon garden furniture range, which is produced using recycled plastics, also saw a massive 250 per cent increase on 2019 sales.

EnviroBuild brought on six new commercial projects during lockdown including Taylor Wimpey’s new homes development at Innsworth and CALA homes construction in Cheltenham.

James Brueton, founder and director of EnviroBuild, said: “We’ve seen exciting revenue growth over Q3 and we believe this is due to the public turning towards more sustainable products. Thinking ’how sustainable is my project’ is becoming a more important deciding factor in our customers purchases”.

In order to handle the extra growth EnviroBuild had been investing in their operations before Covid 19 and lockdown, EnviroBuild had already designed and invested in cloud based systems to enable remote working. It meant the company had the ability to switch to ‘work from home’ rules at the touch of a button and cope with an unprecedented global disaster.

The national lockdown is reported to have cost the construction industry over £300m per day according to the Construction Index. Yet despite the difficult trading conditions, EnviroBuild grew its team during lockdown to cope with demand, employing six new members of staff – two in its sales team and a further four in the operations team.

With a lean operation design and a high level of effective internal communication, EnviroBuild was able to manage the continuously changing working environment and continue to supply and deliver to commercial construction projects.

Mr Brueton added: “Releasing a new website at the start of lockdown seemed like risky timing, but it allowed us to quickly capture the e-commerce market that was flooded after the closure of physical stores. It allowed us to operate quickly in a changing market.”

The new members of staff needed to be trained too, and managers were able to quickly manoeuvre to virtual training which meant that could be achieved and no members of staff had to be made redundant.

Mr Brueton said: “Working on a fully cloud based system meant that the transition from the office to working from home was a smooth process, of course things like staff communication had to be stepped up but our team rose to the challenge brilliantly.”

EnviroBuild have recently launched an exciting new product which is set to revolutionise the decking industry. The company has over 60 years of experience developing high quality, sustainable products without the harsh environmental impact of traditional materials. Ten percent of all profits are dedicated to sustainable causes.

To allow construction to comply with new UK fire regulation, the leading industry experts in external flooring have developed the 150 Aqua-Channel aluminium decking which is designed for all types of commercial builds.

It has been tested to EN13501-1 standards, A2 s1 d0 and A2fl – s1 certification, giving those working within construction or at a builders merchants the complete peace of mind that 150 Aqua-Channel is a safe and dependable product. As 150 Aqua-Channel is completely compliant with UK fire legislation, it can be used as a non-combustible solution for a range of projects.

“As a company we are looking to continue to expand in the material supply space and disrupt the traditional distribution model, offering high quality products at good value levels as we don’t have physical store presence costs. This allows us to invest in research and development as well as constant product improvement.” said Mr Brueton.

During lockdown EnviroBuild also released an additional two new core lines, improving their fencing systems and adding a new range of composite decking. It looks to further expand its sustainable ranges in 2021.

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