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Quartet launches new Sheffield financial services company

Four established Sheffield financial advisors have joined forces to create a new, independent financial services company.

Mark Jones, Simon Megson, Rob Mitchell and Matt Daughtrey have launched Concept Wealth, offering clients access to independent and impartial financial advice across a wide range of areas including retirement and estate planning, wealth management, corporate advice, tax and protection planning.

The quartet bring together more than six decades experience in financial planning and wealth management and aim to deliver a tailored approach to advising clients.

As well as offering advice to individuals and organisations, Concept Wealth, who will operate from offices in Southbourne Road in Broomhill, also have the specialist knowledge to advise on the intricacies of University and NHS pension schemes, plus all other protection, pension and investment needs clients have.

Joint managing director Mark Jones said: “Concept Wealth is an exciting development in the independent financial services market for individuals and corporate clients.

“Our aim is to work more closely with clients, offering bespoke solutions on all aspects of financial advice from ISAs to more specialist pension planning, through to Inheritance Tax mitigation and business planning, such as shareholder protection and key person cover.

“Our team of talented individuals, have a great depth of expertise and knowledge in building bespoke investment portfolios in-house, putting the client’s needs first and foremost.

“We focus on our client’s investment objectives which could be growth, income, or a wish for a more responsible investment, taking environmental, social and governance factors into consideration.

“Our overall aim is to deliver specialist thinking and advice and to build lasting relationships in order to realise the best financial outcomes for our clients, their families and their businesses.”

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